Maintenance after AC installation in Pitt Meadows is important for energy efficiency. It is easier to maximize the energy efficiency of the residential HVAC system but making a commercial HVAC energy efficient is a difficult task. Like residential HVAC, commercial HVAC also requires servicing twice annually.

Commercial HVAC also needs professional cleaning, minor repairs, leak sealing, duct cleaning, lubrication, and parts replacement. The commercial heating and cooling system will work more efficiently if you service them on time. However, annual tune-up is not the only way to enhance the efficiency of commercial HVAC. Continue reading for more information.

Five Tips Will Help Make Your Commercial HVAC System More Energy Efficient.

Commercial heating and cooling systems are more complicated and have larger comfort equipment than residential HVAC. Read below to learn the five tips that can make your commercial HVAC system more energy efficient:

Switch to the Solar Power

You can also go for solar panel installation at your commercial unit. Solar energy will let you use your HVAC equipment the same way as electric energy but at a low energy cost. Nowadays, some HVAC units come with Therm X, which collects solar energy for its operation and helps you save 30 to 40% on utility bills.

Replace the Old, Less-Efficient System

If the HVAC system installed in your commercial building is older than a decade, it will not have modern equipment’s high energy efficiency features. Therefore, it is wiser to consider a more efficient air conditioning replacement in Maple Ridge with a highly efficient modern HVAC to save electricity.

Switch to the Programmable Thermostat

A non-programmable thermostat always leads to energy waste as it does not automatically reduce or increase the temperature as the room requires. Check and set the temperature as per the requirement, but if you have a programmable thermostat, the smart features and motion sensor will do this for you.

Shade the Building

Shading prevents the outside heat or cold from affecting indoor temperatures. Your system will not have to run constantly to cope with the increasing temperatures as shading can block the way for outside hot or cool air to reach inside. You can also look for heat-resistant window glasses during summer to prevent excessive heat.

Schedule Annual Tune-Up

Scheduling annual tune-ups is the easiest way to maximize the efficiency of any HVAC system, whether residential or commercial. The annual HVAC servicing prevents any damages. It also makes your system efficient enough to provide cooling at low energy consumption.


By enhancing the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC, you are not only reducing the burden on your annual energy bills but also making an extremely helpful and necessary contribution to the environment.

One more thing you can do to maintain your HVAC efficiency is to hire an experienced and trustworthy HVAC contractor. You get assurance, satisfaction, and other HVAC service benefits at Hammer’s Heating and Cooling.

We have provided HVAC repair, replacement, tune-up, and water HVAC repair in Langley, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, BC, and surrounding areas for many years. Call us and allow us to help you with indoor heating and cooling.

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