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Furnace Installation in Maple Ridge, BC

Furnace Installation in Maple Ridge, BC and the Surrounding Areas

Winters in Maple Ridge are usually harsh, wet, and long. The temperature during winter can go below 20°. If a furnace is not working at its optimal level, temperatures in the room could be colder. Therefore, installing and maintaining a furnace system becomes essential.

A furnace is the most effective heating equipment that accompanies you during winter, no matter how low the temperature is. With furnace installation comes repair, replacement, and furnace maintenance in Abbotsford.

Furnace Replacement In Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Langley, BC and Surrounding Areas

These services make furnace performance smooth, just like our furnace makes winter warm. An essential heating service is furnace maintenance, as it reduces the need for other major services.

Maintain Your Furnace in Two Ways

DIY Maintenance:

DIY maintenance includes melting the ice blocks on coils, cleaning the drain lines on time, and running it on the correct temperature settings. Protecting the outdoor unit during heavy rainfalls, storms, etc., is also a part of DIY maintenance.

Professional Maintenance:

Annual professional furnace maintenance in Abbotsford includes an overall inspection, gas filling, lubrication, basic repairs, cleaning, and damaged parts replacement. You should schedule a tune-up service for your furnace twice every year.

Although you get your heating system repaired by scheduling tune-ups every Spring and fall, it will need a replacement when it gets older than ten years and malfunctions frequently.

Pros of a Furnace Replacement in Abbotsford:

The furnace installation will cost you any amount between $3,000-$5,000. The process can take 10 hours to three days and has a number of long-term benefits:

Added 10-15 Years of Comfort:

As a furnace comes with a warranty of 10-15 years, some models with 20-25 years, you get added decades of comfort after furnace replacement.

High Heating Efficiency:

A new furnace has better efficiency than the old model. It will heat your house effectively and quickly. Also, you can get a better filter and dehumidifier quality with your new HVAC unit. It will improve indoor air quality, and you can breathe cleaner and fresher air.

Latest Technology:

With increasing innovations, we get the best features and technology in HVAC systems almost every year. While replacing the old furnaces, invest in the latest model that provides the best features for more comfort and convenience.

A Checklist to Follow Before Furnace Installation

Furnace installation in Pitt Meadows before the arrival of winter is the best decision to make if you live. Don’t get any furnace system installed by any professional without following the below-provided checklist:

The Suitable Size

The sizing of the furnace system you are going to install should meet the heating requirements of your house. It is hard for a non-specialist to calculate the accurate size of the furnace system as several factors impact the decision. Discuss the size requirement with a reliable and nearby located HVAC contractor to know the correct size of the furnace you need.

The Model With Modern Features

When installing a new furnace, don’t go for an old model. Always prefer installing the latest model that has better features and higher efficiency. Also, install a programmable thermostat to save energy and money.

Furnish Type

There are commonly three types of furnace systems: electric, gas, and oil.

  • Electric furnaces are a good choice for an area with moderate winters. It is less expensive to install than a gas furnace.
  • A gas furnace is the best option if you have availability of natural gas connection and if you live in a region with harsh winters.
  • Oil furnaces will cost you more than the other two furnaces.

Installation by the Expert

You should know the ductwork size requirement, installation process, and accurate installation location. These details cannot be understood by solely reading the information available online. Installation experience and training are essential to install the furnace properly.

Reasons to Schedule Furnace Repair

There are various reasons a homeowner should opt for furnace repair in Pitt Meadows. Winters can be harsh, and a perfectly maintained furnace can help you keep warm. Listed below are the reasons why you schedule the repairs without delay:

Hammer’s Heating and Cooling provides all HVAC installation, repair, and furnace replacement in Pitt Meadows residential, commercial, and light commercial units, along with indoor air quality services. Call us now to fix any HVAC or furnace-related issues.

Choose A Professional Furnace Installation

A furnace provides us with warm and cozy indoors. It distracts us from the negative impact of harsh winters. We must deal with such beneficial equipment carefully. A DIY furnace replacement in Abbotsford can damage our system and put more burden on our expenses.

The professionals know installation mistakes can spoil a furnace’s performance and reduce its lifespan because they have experience and training for this task. Before hiring the HVAC contractor in Langley, make sure double check the criteria below:

• Certification
• License
• Experience
• Testimonials
• Pricing

Hammer’s Heating and Cooling is an HVAC company established in 2013, the owner of Hammer’s Heating and Cooling has been serving as an HVAC contractor in Abbotsford since 2008. The quality of the service we provide our customers is something we take great pride in. Call us now to schedule an HVAC service that works for you.

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