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Furnace Replacement in Maple Ridge, BC

Furnace Replacement in Maple Ridge, BC, And Surrounding Areas

A furnace is one of the best and most reliable options for heating your residence in winter. Most residents in America prefer furnaces over other systems because of their effectiveness and cost-efficient services.

However, after working for 15-20 years and keeping the environment warm in the colder months, furnaces lose their efficiency to suffice your home’s comfort needs. You should know the signs that indicate a new furnace installation in Maple Ridge for replacement.

When your furnace starts malfunctioning, you may be concerned about whether you need a furnace repair service or furnace replacement in Pitt Meadows, BC. It depends entirely on the problem you are facing with your heating equipment.

Furnace Replacement In Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Langley, BC and Surrounding Areas

When to Consider Furnace Repair

No Warm Airflow:

If a furnace is not providing warmth, it is common to get worried. The two most common reasons for this problem are lack of refrigerant and poor thermostat. Sometimes clogging due to dirt also cause weak or no airflow. The faulty thermostat is also responsible for frequent changes in room temperature and uneven heating. This problem needs timely repair.

Height Bills:

A furnace should be a blessing in winter, not a burden on the pocket. Generally, insufficient gas and defective compressors are responsible for increased utility bills. If you notice a rise in your electricity bill every month due to your furnace, it’s time to consider an HVAC repair in Langley.

Strange Functioning:

Sometimes, the furnace starts producing annoying, loud, strange noises such as rattling, hissing, whistling, banging, etc. Some malfunctioning furnaces also release weird odors.

These problems are the outcome of internal damage or excessive dirt accumulation. You will need to schedule a repair service to troubleshoot this annoying issue.

Telltale Signs Tell You to Call the Furnace Replacement Service

Here are some signs that will help you find whether it is the correct time to discard the old furnace and bring in a new heating system:

Increasing Electricity Bills

The HVAC system starts consuming loads of electricity because they are exhausted from working for more than a decade. Our furnace repair in Pitt Meadows would suggest buying a new one, which is better than fixing your furnace system to manage to make it through this year’s winter.

Dust and Dirt in the Surroundings

If there is a layer of dust and dirt on the surface of furniture or decorative items, then maybe you should call a maintenance service to clean the furnace system and replace the air filter. The maintenance technician will also tell you if the time has come to discard your existing unit.

Imbalance in Humidity Scales

The HVAC system in your home maintains a comfortable environment and balances the humidity scales. Moist and increased humidity air is unhealthy for your health or home.

Hot and Cold Spot Issue

The problem lies in the ductwork or the furnace system if some rooms are not heating up as expected. Experts of furnace repair in Maple Ridge advise owners to visually inspect the ducts and look for something unusual in the system. Call the heating technician to check the furnace to see if everything seems alright.

Loud and Disturbing Noises During The Heating Operation

Loud and disturbing noises are another sign that indicates a replacement service. If the repair services cannot fix them, you need to think about purchasing a new system. If you find cracks in the furnace system components or if there is rust on the parts, you should call the furnace repair company in Pitt Meadows because rusting can lead to a breakdown of the system.

Furnace Completed a Decade:

If the performance of your heating system has degraded too much after the decade, the repair can be a temporary solution. Also, even if you repair your 10-15-year-old furnace, it will probably work efficiently for one year only. Therefore, the HVAC replacement can help you eliminate the poorly performing furnace.

Repetitive Repair:

When a furnace needs frequent repairs, it indicates that repairs cannot fix the problem. In this situation, we should not waste our time and money on repeated repairs. The better option would be a furnace replacement in Pitt Meadows, BC.

High Repair Cost:

When your furnace repair bills are too expensive and more than the replacement cost, you should get a new furnace instead of fixing the old one. It is wise to get a new furnace because the expensive repairs will last for a maximum of 5-6 years, whereas the new furnace will serve for 10-15 years.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Replacement for Your Old Heating System

Here are some factors you should consider while buying a new heating system:

• Estimate a budget and find a system that fits your budget.
• Look at a higher AFUE rating system.
• Ensure to find a system size according to the room area.
• Check the warranty and guarantee on the system.
• Do not forget to ask the HVAC company about the rebates and incentive offers on the system.

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Moreover, our certified technicians will effectively install the system to ensure no issues post-installation. Call (778) 899-5224 and schedule a replacement or furnace repair in Langley today.

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