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Ductless Services in Langley, BC

Ductless Services in Langley, BC and Surrounding Areas

A mini-split system can cool down a whole house without the complicated, vast ductwork needed by a central air unit. According to experts for ductless HVAC services in Langley, a mini split ductless air conditioner may be the better option to beat the heat of summer.

The mini splits are quieter than conventional air conditioners. They are placed in the home’s most important rooms or zones to cool them at different temperatures, in contrast to a central air conditioner operating at a fixed temperature across the entire area.

Ductless Installation In Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Langley, BC and Surrounding Areas

Cost Factors for Mini-Split Installations

The Number of Floors

Third-floor or second-floor installations require the addition of conduit, wiring, and refrigerant line. Costs for labor and materials increase for refrigerant lines that are more than 25 feet or lines traversing attics or crawl spaces.


Accessible areas or installations that require challenging siding can increase the cost of labor and could require more construction materials.


On average, pulling permits to install ductless AC is between $250 and $400. However, the requirements differ by city.


Many HVAC companies offer discounts on ductless HVAC services in Langley during off-peak times that run from January to March and September through November.


Major brands require installation by a licensed HVAC contractor in Abbotsford for any warranty claim to stand.

DIY Ductless Maintenance Tasks

We typically recommend scheduling professional maintenance by an HVAC contractor in Langley twice yearly, once in spring and another in autumn. While you wait, there are plenty of DIY tasks you can complete to make sure that your system remains in top form between appointments.

Check That the Unit Isn't Inaccessible:

Check that furniture or art objects aren’t blocking the AC unit’s ductless output. Each unit should have at minimum four feet of space around it to keep your home cool or warm effectively.

Replace and Clean Your Filters:

Air filters may seem like tiny parts of a large unit; however, they are at the core of the system’s performance. Make use of a dry, clean cloth to clean the filters and dust and dirt gently.

Take A Look at the Condenser and Coil

Clean your condenser and coil every week or biweekly to keep your system from experiencing any problems while keeping your home warm. Make sure to shut off your unit before taking this step.

Benefits of Ductless Maintenance

The ductless air conditioning system is an essential investment for your home. Although the installation process is faster and less expensive compared to traditional HVAC systems, the ductless system requires more money to purchase the system itself.

You can make your investment worthwhile by ensuring your unit receives the proper ductless HVAC services in Langley. Following are some of the advantages:

Bottom Line

The best moment to plan maintenance for ductless systems occurs during the fall and spring seasons. It helps ensure your system can handle the challenge of running more often during the winter and summer seasons. If you’ve not scheduled maintenance for ductless at this point, you must do it immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A ductless mini-split operates like a central air conditioning and heating system and should be serviced twice annually. You should schedule preventive maintenance for your ductless HVAC once in Spring and once in fall.

You should leave your ductless mini-split unit in Langley, ON, at all times to maintain good indoor cooling throughout the day.

When you are not at home, you should lower the temperature instead of turning your ductless AC OFF so that you do not have to wait longer to get the desired temperature when you return home.

A ductless AC unit is designed in a way that works better when it runs constantly. If you run it for a particular time, the room temperature quickly changes when it is OFF. Therefore, it will consume more electricity to set the required temperature again.

Generally, you can expect 10 to 15 years of comfort after ductless installation in Langley. You can stretch the lifespan if you schedule annual ductless HVAC services in Langley.

You should schedule a professional cleaning service once annually to prevent mold growth and other harmful contamination in the air.

When the drain pan of a ductless mini-split unit is cracked, water might flow inside the house instead of draining outside.

The blocked drainage line also causes water leakage because the blockage leaks the stagnant water. The dirty coils cause ice build-up, and when the ice melts, it can cause water leakage.

If you need superior HVAC maintenance services, count on Hammers Heating and Cooling. Schedule service for ductless HVAC installation in Langley to enhance your ductless HVAC.

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