To keep your HVAC system going for a long time without creating any disturbances, you should consider scheduling AC repair in Pitt Meadows every year. Having a clean air filter is important for your HVAC system to function properly. It is best to replace your air filter every three months. Air filters have a lot of influence on the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Five Benefits of Changing The Air Filters

  1. Improvement in Indoor Air Quality: The HVAC air filter directly influences the air quality in your home. An air filter’s primary purpose is to clean your house’s air. It comprises fiberglass trapping fur, spores, pollen, dust, mold, and many more. The amount of air filters in your home depends on the effectiveness of your air filter.
  2. Improvement in Energy Efficiency: Though air filters work for indoor quality air, It also enhances energy efficiency. It directly increases your utility bills, so to save your energy cost and replace your air filters after a couple of months. Air conditioner replacement in Pitt Meadows is not a wise decision.
  3. Increase HVAC System Life: To prolong your HVAC unit’s service life, you must keep a clean air filter. A new HVAC system is an expensive investment, so you want to extend its life to the maximum and fully use it. Dust, dirt, and grim make a layer in the filters and make the air difficult to flow. The dirt and grim having no space in the filters clogs up the surrounding components of the HVAC system
  4. Temperature Control: Your HVAC system, when integrated with a smart thermostat, can maximize the temperature you want while saving energy expenses. The HVAC system also works productively and maintains the internal temperature efficiently. Technicians can assist with air conditioner repair in Pitt Meadows.
  5. Low Repair Frequency: If the air filter is on time, you can solve the most common repair issues like temperature imbalance, odd noises, and bad odors. The HVAC system will break down less, so you will not waste money on repairs.
  6. Health Problems: If the air filter is not cleaned or replaced properly, It leads to bad health circumstances and the spread of diseases. Molds build up when the air filter is left inactive in winter. It can spread to a result where a bad odor spreads through the air conditioner. You can also get allergies from the spores and pollens built up in the filters.

Advantages of Getting an Expert Technician

An expert technician can help you guide how to use your HVAC system properly so that you don’t have any problems later on. The quality services they provide will be top-quality. Adhere to the tips given by them to ensure the proper functioning of the air conditioner.


The servicing will ensure that your air conditioner stays in good condition and no extra money is lost on utility bills. You can do this by scheduling an appointment at Hammer’s Heating and Cooling for top air conditioning services and also get expert help for air conditioner service in Maple Ridge.

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